In Home Training Programs

Relax & enjoy your polite dog after completing one of our In-Home Dog Training Programs! All of our training is In-Home which makes our programs super effective and easy because we work around your schedule and your dog receives one-on-one attention. Not all dogs learn the same way so we have the luxury with the in-home classes to discover what will work best for you and your dog. Having your dog learn good manners in-home means they will obey at home and you won’t have to haul your dog into the car to make a scheduled lesson, which means less activities on your schedule while still gaining a calm and responsive dog! These programs are great for puppies and adult dogs!  Our service area is Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, Republic and some other surrounding areas.

We offer two different types of In-Home Training Programs:

Client Coaching or Train For You

Client Coaching

We come to you once a week and teach you how to train your dog.  Our goal is always to focus on the behaviors you want to see added or changed.  The trainer will introduce the dog to the behavior while the pet parent watches.  As the dog gains understanding of the skill, then the parent steps in and is coached on how to get, practice and maintain the behavior. The following week, those behaviors are reviewed, any changes or adjustments made and then new behaviors are added.

Train Your Dog For You

Just like Client Coaching, with a Train Your Dog For You Program, we come to the home and work with your pet there.  Sessions take place 3 to 4 times a week, with one of those sessions per week spent educating the pet parent on how to get and maintain the behaviors that the dog learned with the trainer.  Letting the professionals do what they do best, train your dog, means fast and exceptional results so that your dog  is listening and obeying quickly which means you will once again be happy that you chose to have a dog!

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Train Your Dog For You

Well Mannered Dog Program

This is our base Client Coaching Program for those who choose to only address a few brief issues and who are also committed to taking an active role in their dog’s training. The trainer will come once a week to help you train your dog to begin his journey to becoming the well-mannered pet you always knew he could be.

Brief problems may include: jumping up, loose leash walking, housetraining or nipping. Sessions can be utilized to introduce several basic commands like: sit, down, stay and come. With this program, your dog will be able to perform his new skills in his typical home environment with low levels of distraction. If you desire your dog to listen when guests are present or when encountering other dogs on a walk, consider one of our other programs.

Program Includes:

  • 3 In Home Sessions (1hr 15min each)
  • 1 Follow Up Phone Consultation
  • 15% Off a single Group Dog Training Class

Star Dog Program

in this Client Coaching Program, multiple skills and more moderate behavior issues can be addressed. Your Star Dog will reliably perform in modest to high levels of distractions such as when guests or other dogs are present.

The trainer will come weekly to help you train your dog to listen and to quickly respond to requested skills. He will be able to perform multiple commands such as: sit, down, come, drop it, leave it, loose leash walk and stay. More moderate behavioral issues can be tackled such as: jumping on guests, separation anxiety, fear issues or mild to mid-level aggression.

Program Includes:

  • 5 In Home Sessions (1hr 15min each)
  • 3 Follow Up Phone Consultations
  • Unlimited Email Support during the program
  • 20% Off all Group Class for a 6 month period

Top Dog Program

in this Train Your Dog For You Program, sit back and relax as the trainer does what she does best, train your dog for you! Your dog will be taught in his own home how to perform good manner skills such as: No, Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Drop It, Leave it, and Loose Leash Walking.

Common behavior issues will be corrected such as: Housetraining, Chewing and Nipping. You can expect your dog to perform in minor to medium levels of distractions, i.e. your typical home environment. And YES, he will listen to you, not just to his trainer because you will work with the trainer weekly in a Transfer Session.

Program Includes:

  • 16 In Home “Train Your Dog For You” Sessions (1 hr each)
  • 5 Follow Up Phone Consultations
  • Unlimited Support the first year via email and text messaging
  • 20% off Group Classes for a year

Dream Dog Program

with this Train Your Dog For You Program, you will say goodbye to chaos and hello to peace as you reap the benefits of owning a dream dog. Your dog will be taught by the trainer to perform good manners skills such as: No, Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Drop It, Leave it, Loose leash walking, Polite Greetings with owners and guests.

Bonus behaviors are included such as: the high level skill “Go to your bed and stay” or a couple of tricks such as shake, roll over, speak, etc or focus commands such as a lightning fast name response and Watch Me. Behavior issues will be addressed including but not limited to: housetraining, chewing and nipping, digging, fear, aggression, herding, stealing, etc. Your dog will be able to perform in moderate to difficult levels of distractions both at home AND in public locations!

Program Includes:

  • 30 “Train Your Dog For You” Sessions In Home and in Public Locations (1 hr each)
  • 1 Refresher Session Per Year the first 3 years after program completion
  • Complimentary and Unlimited Group Classes for a Year
  • Free Activity Toy or Piece of Suggested Training Equipment
  • 8 Follow Up Phone Consultations
  • Lifetime, Unlimited Text Messaging and Email Support