Our Happy Clients

Meet our happy clients who are now relaxed and enjoying their polite and obedient dogs.

Nancy Turpin

Our Happy Client

I highly recommend “On the Spot Dog Training!” I have two young Golden Retrievers, Livvie and Chloe, who were very rowdy and misbehaving. They were sweet, loving dogs but their behavior was stressing me out! So, I called Lisa at On the Spot Dog Training, and had her help us! The dogs learned so much, and Lisa solved some behavioral issues for us, and I didn’t have to do it myself! I just came home from work and the dogs were trained! The training has allowed me to enjoy being with the dogs, and we’ve become a very happy family. I’m glad I made the investment in my dogs. It is so worth it!

Jon & Debbie Pender

Our Happy Client

We hired and worked with another trainer to help us with our silver labrador. Not getting good results, we were at our wits end and we were sadly thinking about putting our dog up for adoption. (We are seniors and thought she was unmanageable for us). My husband said “ I will only hire another trainer if she walks on water”. We hired Lisa Smith from On The Spot and can attest that she walks on water!! Our beautiful River Rose is now obedient and calm. Lisa came to our home and provided us the knowledge and tools to train our baby girl. She wrote out homework assignments and showed us how to handle our dog and get her to obey our commands. We highly recommend Lisa for training any dog. She is a professional and truly amazing with how she can teach an unruly dog to not jump and pull. We will be using more of her services in the near future.

Carlye Jantz

Our Happy Client

Lisa I cannot thank you enough for working with Hunter and I. We just went for an enjoyable 2.5 mile run with a LOOSE leash! He’s like a different dog!

Lana Scott

Our Happy Client

I first became acquainted with Lisa and On The Spot Dog Training 10 years ago when I attended group class with my cocker spaniel rescue, Riley. In the class, Riley learned to be a well-mannered dog and I was blessed to have her for 12 years. Now my husband and I have two Cavapoo pups so we contacted Lisa again but this time for In-home training. We cannot say enough about Lisa’s training program. She worked around our busy schedules and the dogs responded to her immediately. Lisa is very patient, calm and the puppies loved her. We could not have been more pleased with her training program. If you want a caring, professional and a kind form of training for your beloved pets, I would recommend Lisa and her staff. You will not be disappointed with the results.

Layla Berry

Our Happy Client

We needed a trainer for our rambunctious puppy. He was nipping, jumping, and stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down. A friend recommended On The Spot Dog Training after seeing results with her wild and crazy puppy. Lisa came to our home and taught us how to curb the unwanted behaviors and teach our pup good manners. Now we can really enjoy family time with all of us together – Mom, Dad, toddler, pup, and kitty.


Our Happy Client

I was looking for a one-on-one dog trainer to help me with my blue heelers. My fur babies were attacked twice by other dogs while walking in our neighborhood. Luna developed fear and anxiety. If another dog was on sight when we were walking she would start biting her leash and become aggressive towards her brother (Leon). Leon on the other hand became uncomfortable around other dogs and snapped aggressively especially if a dog walked by us. I reached out to Lisa for help! She worked with both of them for me, encouraged me, and gave me the necessary tools/info so I can continue working with them at home. I am so amazed how much they have improved! I couldn’t have done this without Lisa’s help. Thank you!