Creating Polite and Obedient Dogs!


Tiffany J.

Pet's Name: Cashew


Thank you so much for coming by the house today. I believe we are going to find the training beneficial. We really got the sense that dogs werenít just dogs to you, that they were family members, and we greatly appreciate that thinking. We used a different positive reinforcement training service with our behaviorally challenged Shih-Tzu we mentioned, but werenít as encouraged by how they portrayed their perception of dogs. Their methods didnít seem to work on our Boo Ė that may have been more of our lack of follow through, but I think that had a lot to do with our questioning of the training.
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Dorothy P.

Pet's Name: Boomer

Lisa, I was almost to the point of trying to find Boomer a new home. After the first lesson, Boomer was already easier to handle. The gentle way that you have handled all four of us, Boomer, Bandit, Bailey and me has made my home a loving house in which I can live again! Thank you for helping restore my sanity.
Owners Name: Jennifer D.

Petís Name: Django

 Why were you looking for dog training?
 My dog is very hyper and doesn't pay attention long enough to listen to commands. He jumps and whines; overall kind of out of control.

What were the results of working with Lisa?
 After 4 weeks of classes my dog actually began to listen to me. That was the biggest issue of all. Now he stays instead of wanting to bolt out the door, he walks on a leash without pulling, he sits even before he's told and most importantly, I've learned how to communicate with him. It's been a great experience.
Sue & Susan

Pet's Name: Arden

We have attended group class obedience training with Frankie and have found her to be very passionate about helping owners learn how to improve the behavior of their dogs. Frankie explains new tasks in a manner easy to understand and demonstrates new behavior usually with one of the dogs in class. She offers individual feedback to each of the owners to help us work toward success with our dogs. She provides a welcoming atmosphere for classes, unlike some others we have attended with at a different training organization. We love Frankie and can't wait to sign up for another class with her.
Summer F. Pet's Name: Miah

We have taken several group classes with Frankie and she is an excellent instructor! Her passion for dogs and positive training make her classes a joy to attend. We also appreciate elements that Frankie's background in rally, trick, and agility brings to her classes. It is clear that she puts time and planning into her classes, ensuring they run smoothly and meet the groups' needs.
Charrie D.

Pet's Name: Newton

We've worked with Lisa training two dogs. Her quiet command, understanding of dogs and positive style is what makes her training so successful. Dogs love her and are quickly receptive to her methods. She has a natural ability to help you become a better dog owner as well. We highly recommend Lisa Smith and On The Spot Training for group or individual classes.
Jill H.

Pet's Name: Scarlett (service dog)

Hi Lisa. Wanted to share some Scarlett news with you and give you kudos for your training help. We went to a party for my husband's work last night and one of the owners from Florida is an AKC judge and competitor in big dog shows like Westminster and the AKC Eukanuba Championship. He was very impressed with Scarlett and how well behaved and smart she is. l am a very proud mama! Thank you for being part of her dog training!
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