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Are you having dog problems?

 Do you feel frustrated and embarrassed by your dog’s behavior?


Do you have a new puppy or dog that you want to socialize and you recognize that early training is the best way to avoid problem behaviors?

Welcome to On The 'Spot' Dog Training,
Springfield MO's premier dog training service where we have the answers! 
We can most assuredly help your dog become the obedient and well-mannered companion you’ve always dreamed of.
Did you ever wish there was an
 "Easy Button"
you could just push and your dog would automatically be trained for you?  
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Well now there is!
Try our "Dream Dog" Program where we do all the work for you!
Do any of these situations describe you?
Are you frustrated and humiliated because your dog: pulls you on the leash, jumps on your guests or won’t listen to you?

Do you feel aggravated and annoyed because your dog: won’t come when called, bolts out the front door or barks like crazy when the doorbell rings?

Are you troubled with concerns such as: “Is my dog overly fearful of unfamiliar things and people?”, “Is my carpet being ruined by pet urine and smelling up my house?” or “Is my dog ever going to stop nipping on me and chewing up inappropriate items?”.

Do you have a new dog or puppy and you are feeling determined that he will be a well mannered, enjoyable addition to the family?

Are you feeling baffled and questioning: “Who is in charge here?”, “Is my dog running the show?”, “Where do I start in order to change my dog’s behaviors?”.
We are here to help solve these issues so that you can relax and enjoy your polite and obedient dog! Our puppy training and dog training programs “Unlock The Good Dog Within!” Contact us now so that you can be the next proud dog owner to say,
“My dog is well behaved!”

Better manners are just a phone call away! Call us toll free now at 1-833-623-9364