Well Mannered Dog Program

This is our base Client Coaching Program for those who choose to only address a few brief issues and who are also committed to taking an active role in their dog’s training. The trainer will come once a week to help you train your dog to begin his journey to becoming the well-mannered pet you always knew he could be.

Brief problems may include: jumping up, loose leash walking, house training or nipping. Sessions can be utilized to introduce several basic commands like: sit, down, stay and come. With this program, your dog will be able to perform his new skills in his typical home environment with low levels of distraction. If you desire your dog to listen when guests are present or when encountering other dogs on a walk, consider one of our other programs.

Program Includes:

  • 3 In Home Sessions (1hr 15min each)
  • 1 Follow Up Phone Consultation
  • 15% Off a single Group Dog Training Class